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Undergoing security assessments, such as compliance and IT auditsrisk assessmentspenetration testsvulnerability scans, and forensic investigations, identify gaps and vulnerabilities within your environment and systems. However, an assessment is just the first step toward enhancing your organization’s security posture.

The time and resources you spend identifying gaps and vulnerabilities is only truly valuable if you devote the same level of effort toward properly addressing and fixing the issues found. That all-important next step of remediating vulnerabilities often requires high-level technical expertise.

Why It’s Important

Remediation is critical. While security assessments are exceptionally valuable in your efforts to safeguard your sensitive information and brand name, it only takes a single unaddressed security hole to cause your organization to be out of compliance with an industry standard such as GLBAHIPAA/HITECH, or PCI DSS or to let a malicious individual wreak havoc on your systems.

That’s why, as a security-minded organization, you focus just as much time, effort and investment on remediating vulnerabilities as you do on discovering them. Maximize the effectiveness of your remediation efforts by leveraging expert guidance from Sikich.

How We Can Help

Your time, effort and cost associated with researching and remediating assessment findings is largely dependent upon the amount of resources you have and your staff’s level of technical understanding. Rather than scrambling, guessing, checking and hoping, Sikich can keep your efforts focused. Your organization experiences less hassle—and less impact on your bottom line—when you work with experienced consultants through your remediation efforts.

We’re your partner and advocate. Sikich provides your organization with as much or as little guidance as you need, remote or on-site. We assign a consulting team to your organization, and our team is available to you on an “on call” basis.

Our consulting team can also sit in on your development meetings or attend regularly scheduled status meetings to provide and receive updates on compliance efforts. We provide guidance for moving forward and catch compliance issues before you devote a significant amount of time and resources to implementation.

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