Code Reviews

Applications are only as secure as the code behind them.

An application is only as secure as the code that’s behind it. Sometimes code is rushed to production before it’s properly reviewed and tested. Other times organizations lack the resources to have someone separate from the original development team perform an independent review of the code. Regardless of the reasons behind it, pushing code for your applications to production without first properly reviewing it for potential security issues adds significant risk to your organization’s overall security posture.

Sikich consultants have extensive experience in software development, security audits and penetration testing for web and desktop applications. We conduct detailed code reviews to provide you with clear, concise and meaningful recommendations for proactive application security.

Why It’s Important

Attackers have shifted their focus away from exploiting system vulnerabilities in order to gain network access. Instead, they are attacking the millions of web-facing applications at their fingertips or desktop applications that are often overlooked.

Insecure applications running within your environment can significantly increase the likelihood and impact of a successful attack. Code reviews improve software quality and strengthen application security. By conducting a thorough code review, your organization can identify and correct mistakes made during development and improve the overall skill level of your developers.

How We Can Help

As an independent organization, Sikich reviews your application from a different viewpoint than your internal staff. Our consultants are trained in secure coding and focus on specific coding practices, functions and methods that lead to insecurities; items that your internal staff may not even recognize. We help you identify and correct application vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.

We further identify areas of concern within your code and focus on the most practical and effective security solutions by performing a code review in conjunction with a penetration test. Additionally, by incorporating regular penetration testing into the code review process, we help your development team gain a fuller understanding of the code’s security strengths and weaknesses on an ongoing basis.

Your code review will be customized to your application and will typically include:

  • Input validation
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Session management
  • Connections to databases
  • Access controls
  • Additional areas identified by penetration testing

Improve the quality and security of your code.

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