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Organizations partner with Sikich to offer their customers expert information security services—so they can both focus on what they do best. We work with your customers to help them meet their security and compliance needs.

Whether your customers are looking for an expert information security consultant to assess the current state of their network or an automated vulnerability scanning tool to help them monitor the security of their Internet-facing systems, Sikich can help. As a full-service information security consulting firm, we're the on-call experts your customers need.

What We Offer

We understand that what works best for the company up the road isn't necessarily what will work best for you. That's why you can choose from the several partnership options we offer, each with a different way to leverage our services and expertise to meet your organization and customers' goals.


Your organization may find that a referral partnership is the easiest route to get your customers the services they need.

With a referral program in place, your customers can take advantage of the wide range of security and compliance services we offer. You simply distribute information to your customers that details your partnership with Sikich and provides them with the appropriate contact information.

When your customers contact Sikich, they're treated with the same care and respect they'd get from your organization. When they sign up for services, Sikich gives you a referral commission to thank you for the business. Or, instead of collecting a commission, you can have Sikich pass that savings directly to your customers in the form of a discount on their services.


Your organization may already offer a range of IT or compliance-related services to your customers. However, by working with Sikich, you can greatly expand the scope of your offerings. By leveraging the experience and expertise of Sikich, your organization can broaden your appeal to potential customers and increase your customer base.

In a collaborative relationship, Sikich works with you to deliver the solutions your customers need. We can work side-by-side to deliver a single project or put together an engagement with multiple services that we independently source.

Either way, we work hand-in-hand to keep everyone up-to-date on services being performed, and you can be involved as much or as little as you and your customers deem necessary. We do whatever we can to operate seamlessly as an extension of your organization.

The flexibility of the Sikich partnership program and the quality of their compliance solutions allow VendorSafe to more effectively meet the needs of our clients while supporting VendorSafe's business model and service goals.

– Brad Cyprus, Chief of Security and Compliance, VendorSafe Technologies


If you are looking to offer additional services to your customers as a way to increase revenue, but would rather leverage outside experts to deliver those services, reselling solutions from Sikich is your answer.

Sikich provides your organization with wholesale pricing for automated services or subcontracting rates for professional services. We work with a number of partners who use this opportunity to offer our services as a value-add or revenue generator to their existing customer portfolio.

We support your customers throughout the process while keeping your organization involved at all times. This structure specifically gives you the ability to assist your customers as needed and continue to build your service relationship with them.

Private Label

You've worked hard to develop and maintain relationships with your customers. Instead of directing customers to a separate company for information security services, you can offer services from Sikich directly under your own private label.

From web portal options for vulnerability scanning and compliance to professional staffing needs, we work with you to augment your offering in a manner that's transparent to your customers.

Our private labeling option not only expands your offerings, but also enhances your customer relationships. Your organization becomes a one-stop shop for your customers.

Case Study: VendorSafe Technologies

What VendorSafe Needed

VendorSafe is a leader in security technology, helping organizations protect their business and manage customer networks while delivering data reliability and security. VendorSafe came to Sikich for the purpose of assuring that appropriate governance would be in place for VendorSafe's managed PCI service solutions. Utilizing a certified ASV and QSA to augment the VendorSafe PCI service offerings with PCI compliance validation solutions was critical to fulfilling VendorSafe's philosophy of having another party validate PCI compliance for network service environments.

What Sikich Did

Sikich provided VendorSafe with a private-label partnership option, allowing them to maintain their branding throughout the Sikich compliance management portal. To better guide VendorSafe clients, Sikich worked jointly with VendorSafe to customize a qualifying questionnaire based upon VendorSafe's specific offerings to allow the implementation of SAQuick™, which streamlines the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) process and continue to meet the business needs of their growing client base.

The Results

Through the web portal built by Sikich to support SAQuick™, VendorSafe's merchants maintain the rapport and comfort level they have with VendorSafe while utilizing the industry leading solutions offered by Sikich to assist in the validation of their PCI compliance. VendorSafe's clients are able to work through a customized SAQ process allowing them to receive precise guidance for navigating the SAQ most appropriate to their environment and the VendorSafe solutions they leverage.

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