Monitor and protect against in-progress security attacks.

Malicious individuals threaten the integrity of networks on a daily basis. They attack Internet connectivity, probe for vulnerable network entry points, attempt to deface web sites, try to launch denial-of-service attacks and much more.

In an effort to try and repel these attackers, many organizations simply deploy a firewall, hoping it's enough. While a firewall is certainly a good start, it is best to augment your network's security by using an intrusion detection or prevention system (IDS/IPS).

Your Connection Needs Protection

An effective intrusion detection and prevention service provides important additional functionality and security not offered by a firewall. An IDS/IPS provides you with information to proactively detect complex traffic patterns, alerting you to malicious behavior and giving you the ability to respond to any impending attacks on your network.

If you are connected to the Internet, an IDS/IPS lowers the risk of malicious activity occurring on your network. In fact, an IDS/IPS is considered so important that it is required under many compliance mandates and regulations including:

Don't let requirements be the only deciding factor when considering implementing an IDS/IPS though. Whether you host sensitive banking information or you post pictures of cats from Reddit, maintaining full control of your network and systems is a top priority.

Your IDS/IPS Service, Managed by Experts

With a managed IDS/IPS service, you have someone to analyze your network traffic in real-time, allowing you to more effectively protect the security of your systems and applications. Your IDS/IPS creates a strong and effective defense against malicious activity through the combination of behavior-based analysis (i.e., analyzing traffic patterns) and a set of signatures of known attack patterns.

The IDS/IPS service blocks malicious attacks that could have otherwise resulted in a breach. The events generated by the IDS/IPS service are monitored by professional analysts 24/7 and are correlated against millions of other events generated across an expansive customer base.

Additional benefits of a managed IDS/IPS service are that your organization will only be alerted in the case of a likely incident, and we work with you to help set up a prioritized list of notification methods for appropriate escalation procedures based on the type of incident.

A managed IDS/IPS is the perfect complement to a managed firewall. With continuous monitoring and formal incident response processing, your organization receives a comprehensive threat management program.

Detect and prevent malicious network activity.

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