Protect against network security threats simply and effectively.

Your organization's Internet-connected networks can face a constant barrage of intrusion attempts. Trying to monitor, understand and thwart these attempts can significantly drain your time and resources.

Utilizing a firewall service provides a means to effectively control both the incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. A properly-configured and managed firewall greatly reduces the risk to your organization while only requiring minimal investment.

Who Needs a Firewall?

For organizations that take the protection of their network seriously, a firewall is a must. Firewalls are your first line of defense, protecting your internal systems from outside attackers by blocking access to services that should not be exposed outside of your network.

Firewalls are consistently ranked as the most effective technology for protecting against attacks. The lack of a firewall is the most common contributing factor to security breaches.

When coupled with regular vulnerability scanning, a firewall helps you secure your network and aides your organization in meeting any applicable compliance requirements (such as those associated with the Payment Card Industry).

How Sikich Helps Protect Your Network

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) managed firewall solution enhances your security posture without requiring extensive time and effort investments from your organization. The necessary configuration and filtering rules are managed for you, allowing your IT staff to focus their efforts on other tasks.

Your firewall will be monitored around the clock, and you receive prioritized notifications for relevant security or connectivity issues. You can rest easy as network troubleshooting and changes are handled for you.

You have access to comprehensive reports of your firewall activity through a secure web portal. The web portal provides you with the data needed for your reporting and compliance purposes, including details of network activity, information on attempted security breaches and a modification log of configuration changes made to the firewall.

To extend the protection of your managed firewall, a managed IDS/IPS augments the alerting and notification of suspected breaches, giving you the ability to protect against attacks in progress.

Protect your Internet-connected networks with ease.

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