Is sizing up a digital crime scene elementary to you?

If your sleuthing skills keep you going strong until wee hours of the morning, and you're able to think like a criminal to reconstruct the crime scene, show us your prowess.

Location: Brookfield, WI

About the Position

You'll be:

  • Acquiring computers and networking devices/seizing evidence in a forensically-sound manner
  • Examining systems for points of intrusion and recreating storylines
  • Reacting in real-time as part of incident response events
  • Reverse-engineering malware
  • Consulting with clients on high-level strategic initiatives as well as highly-technical and detailed regulatory compliance projects
  • Learning the tricks of the trade from experienced mentors
  • Blogging about your new security finds

We'll expect you to:

  • Be proficient with all the usual suspects:
    • Windows and Unix/Linux operating systems
    • Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar environments
    • Forensic collection and data analysis tools (e.g., EnCase, FTK, etc.)
  • Be prepared to maintain your proficiency; you'll need to:
    • Keep up-to-date with tools, IOCs, countermeasures and technologies
    • Share your knowledge and mentor new team members and peers
    • Develop and refine tools, templates and methodologies
  • Be able to interpret findings, identify unusual behavior and recreate a story of events; we don't just run tools and slap on a cover sheet

Ideally, you'll:

  • Have previous auditing/consulting or forensics experience
  • Have experience working e-discovery or IP cases and interacting with law enforcement
  • Own more than one black t-shirt
  • Have managed networks and systems for both Windows and Unix platforms (even if it's the half-dozen systems stored under your bed)
  • Know general information security principles
  • Have coding and scripting experience (Ruby, Python and VBScript/PowerShell are a plus, but are not required)
  • Have tried to exploit security holes and then fix them, but only on your own systems
  • Be able to communicate technical information to C-level, highly-technical and non-technical audiences alike
  • Write good and speak gooder

You'll get a gold star if you:

  • Are professionally, or willing to get, certified (while certifications don't indicate competence, they do reflect professionalism and a minimum knowledge level) in any of the following:
    • Security and IT certifications (e.g., CISSP, GIAC, EnCE, GREM)
    • Technical certifications (e.g., MCSE, CCNA, etc.)
    • Related industry certifications (e.g., QSA, PA-QSA)
  • Have payment card industry (PCI DSS, PA-DSS, P2PE, PFI), financial (GLBA, SOX, SSAE 16) or health care (HIPAA/HITECH) experience
  • Are fluent in Spanish or other languages and interested in traveling internationally to help us service our growing base of international customers
  • Are a member of a professional industry group (e.g., InfraGard, HTCIA)

How to Apply

Curious? Drop us a note at with:

  • A taste of your personality
  • A copy of your résumé
  • A reason to ask you to work with us